The Stay-at-Home Series

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You will be given access to downloads for printables that we will use during each session. Please have the supplies that I have suggested plus the printable for that session ready when it's time to begin. 

Zoom is free, but it only allows for short sessions, so our workshops will only last 30-40 minutes. 

Zoom is FREE.

The downloads will be FREE.

I will make sure that the supplies we use will be things you already have in your house.

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Intro to Modern Calligraphy



Contact me if you're interested in hosting.

Do you love the look of hand lettering, but don't know where or how to begin? Join us for this workshop!


No experience with hand lettering is necessary. If you can hold a pen you can do this. Being able to print or write in cursive will certainly make the process easier for you, but regardless, you'll be able to begin developing a unique lettering style. 

With this workshop, you will receive 2 hours of personal instruction that will include:​

  • insight into my personal process and tips that I have learned through experience

  • how to creatively turn ordinary handwriting into faux-lligraphy

  • learn hand lettering lingo

  • learn basic brush strokes and practice the strokes and movements to connect letters 

You will receive an Intro to Modern Calligraphy workbook created by Sheena, a variety of tools to get you started, as well as create a small finished design to take home.

Creative Sketch Notes



Contact me if you're interested in hosting.

Have you seen sketch notes online and had a brief thought of, "I wish I could do that."?? And then you immediately released that thought to Jesus and let it fly up in the sky to be with the angels?

However, what if you COULD learn to sketch your meeting notes, your class notes, your sermon notes? I finds that sketching the entire time helps her to be more attentive and retain the information, plus, let's be honest - it's just pretty!

If learning techniques and tricks for taking Creative Sketch Notes appeals to you, join us for this workshop.

This 2 hour workshop will include:

  • approaches to Creative Sketch Notes

  • how to decide what to include and not include

  • Typography (Text) Styles

  • Patterns

  • Hierarchy and Composition

  • Containers, Dividers, Doodle and Arrows

  • All of the TOOLS you need (workshop packet, one of my favorite dot-grid notebooks with 100 gsm paper, a Tombow fudenosuke hardtip, a Tombow sand/rubber eraser, a pencil, a Micron 03, and a pencil pouch to carry your goodies in)

Interested in my Creative Sketch Notes FOR EDUCATION option? Let me workshop with your students and give them new tools for remaining engaged during lectures and discussions in the classroom setting. MESSAGE ME for details.

Creative Lettering for Kids




Contact me if you're interested in hosting.

Let's have fun writing and brush up on our penmanship at the same time!


This workshop is designed to give kids the basic tools necessary to explore some ways to be creative with letters. They will learn techniques which allow them to take a basic block letter and begin to think about it differently, then use it to create multiple lettering styles.  Those who attend will create a final piece of framable art work. 

This  workshop will include:

  • 1.5 hours of instruction from Sheena

  • Workshop Packet

  • Pencil, Eraser, Markers and a Sketchbook to take home

  • Art Paper to complete the final project

Interested in a Kids Personal Pen Party - maybe for a birthday, a slumber party, or just a fun Friday night? Let's Chat! MESSAGE ME for more information.


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