These hand lettered products are are a great fit to many kinds of establishments - card stores, museum shops, coffee shops, bakeries, spas, florists, and gift shops. The cards are perfect featured in a card rack or as an add-on item. I look forward to partnering with many of you around the United States & beyond as I work to expand my list of stockists!

Ordering Process

1. Shop with me on Abound. If you use this link, you will receive $100 credit towards your first order and free shipping for a year!

2. Shop with me on Faire. 

Prices & Minimums
All single cards are $2.25 each and are sold in sets of 4.

All card sets are sold in minimum quantities of 3 and range from 

All stickers range from $1.50-$2.25 and are sold in sets of 6.

All prints are $6.00-$9.00 and are sold in sets of 3.

Minimum Order: $75

Minimum Reorder: $75

I'm always delights to send you samples. Send an email to Sheena at and I will gladly get drop some goodies in the mail.


Envelopes are placed within the fold of the cards so my logo is facing out on the backside.
All cards and prints are enclosed in resealable cellophane sleeves. 

Card Sets of 6 are packaged in craft window boxes
There are no SKU numbers added to the packaging.

I do not provide greeting card displays due to how different each store’s design can be.

Orders are shipped as soon as possible, but please allow about 10-14 days, especially during peak holiday periods. Each card is 100% handmade!