You guys...I had to take some time off. Then I thought about taking some more time off because during my time off the world just kept burning.

I spent the last 12 days of December sharing a labor of love with you all. My #PROJECTRECAP2020 was nothing short of mentally and emotionally exhausting. As I tracked the events of the year and then went back over them again to make sure I had not missed something important, I couldn't help but think about all we miss in a typical year because we're so busy - both on a personal and just plain human level. 2020 really forced us to slow our roll. Some of us did better with that than others.

Regardless of how much anxiety slowing down and the change, in general, brought, 2020 was good for showing us that time is a gift. It forced us to figure some things out. Many people did a LOT more family stuff - spent more time outdoors. Kids and adult rode bikes a LOT more (did you know that at one point in the spring and summer you couldn't find bikes in certain parts of the country?). Shopping trends changed dramatically over the course of a few months - curbside and online shopping are now a part of a large portion of American lives (even my mom does Wal-Mart pick up - and LOVES it!). COVID has created space for some pivoting - good, bad, indifferent - the way we do some things over the past few months has shifted.

What will remain the same? What will go back to as it was before? Time will tell. Is there anything that as you look over/think back through the events of 2020 that forces you to pause? What gives you that pause? Are there things that changed about your lifestyle or changes that you implemented in your family that you would like to see stay?

What still gives you anxiety as you think about moving forward with whatever a new normal looks like?

It's my hope that this project serves as a reminder to myself and you that, yes 2020 was crazy, but a lot really does happen in a year, personally, locally, nationally and globally. We should be more tuned in to those things and how they impact us.

This project is available in my shop. You can purchase it as an 8x10 prints, or as a cute instagram size card pack.

As always, thanks for following along and thanks so much for your support!


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