Sketch Notes - Building a Visual Library

I tell my voice students that I don't like to exercise for the sake of exercise. I don't build voice exercises without purpose. Sometimes, I even try to create an exercise for them that will help solve more than one issue. At the beginning of 2021, I started a monthly freebie of Doodles. For me, the Doodle of the Month is a way for all of us to work on building a visual library and drawing skill all at once.

As a sketch note artist, I often have the task of drawing icons, people, or simply creating something as a metaphor visually. (I say simply, but I feel like it doesn't always seem so simple if you lack confidence in your drawing abilities - you have an idea, but you're pretty sure you can't draw it.). Practicing simple drawings is a great way to remind ourselves that everything can be created from basic shapes and it also gives us a chance to draw things that we wouldn't necessarily practice drawing on our own. This year, the 16 doodles you get each month are seasonal. As we go, I'm trying to give you things that I think would work for sketch note artist, as well as my bujo peeps who love your bullet journals and drawing those things in each month.

I am going to begin to release a few more things for purchase as the year goes on that are more specific - containers, dividers, arrows, etc. Keep in mind that these can be practiced on paper OR you can practice them digitally. I like to use Procreate, but there are several other options for using your iPad.

Do you have tips for keeping your doodling and drawing skills in shape? What tricks do you use for helping build a visual library?

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