The Best Journal-Sketch Notes, BUJO Peeps-Help Me Pick My Next One

I have used so many different journals, but I am getting ready to finish up one and begin a new one and I can't decide which one I want to use next? Want to help me decide?

So the ones I have most recently used are as follows:

  • Baron Fig Confidant (90g/m2) - I have the dot grid - dot is always my preference for what I do. I LOVE this journal! I would buy this over and over. Seriously. If you think you may be interested in trying one, here's a code for $10 off of an order of $25 or more. (FRIEND-62DVP5L)

  • Best Self Scribe (100g/m2) - This journal is what I've been using to do my church notes in for almost a year now and I have used it in my Sketch Notes workshops. It's a soft cover journal, it has a POCKET and I adore the paper quality, but, I am finding that I prefer a hard cover journal. You can order it directly from BestSelf.

  • Shinola Linen Journal - plain (90g/m2) - This was a gift and was a lovely hard linen covered journal with nice paper, but it was not lined or dotted and I would probably not choose it again. However, they DO make a Ruled format of what I used, as well as a Grid format.

These are the ones I have on my shelf to try (I know, I have issues):

  • Leuchtturm1917 - dotted (80g/m2) - I am honestly not thrilled about this, but it's one of the most easily accessible brands for all of you (this is the only one you will find on AMAZON!), it seems and I want to give it a go at some point just so I can provide feedback when you ask my opinion (for whatever that's worth). Leuchtturm1917 and Moleskin both seem to have inferior paper - the Moleskin is rated at 70g/m2. When I first started lettering, I went through 2 Moleskins and the paper is WAY too thin and not as smooth as I prefer now that I know the difference (that's an entirely different conversation for another time - we will title that blog post Paper Snobbery).

  • Blackwing 602 - When Ronnie and I were in Grand Rapid last year, I purchased this journal at a gift shop there. It's the Slate Notebook-it has a pencil with it and a cute little pencil loop on the binding. I truly love all things Blackwing, so I'm excited about trying this journal.

  • The Sketchnote Ideabook - I backed this product on Kickstarter last year - almost exactly a year ago! This is a collaboration between Mike Rhode (king of sketch notes) and Airship Notebooks. As a Sketch Note artist, this journal thrills my heart. It has the absolute best paper of ANY journal I have EVER held in my hands (110# - 160g). However, it's like the Shinola journal - plain. No dot grid. I need dots, people, so I have put off using it. GAH! I know. Snobbery! It's so perfect if you can live without dots, though. 2 bookmarks! Who does that?!? And my favorite - sheets for Sketch Note References and an Icon Library - those things I tell you to draw in the back of your journal! SO SMART!!!!!

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