I Miss Being Delusional

There was a time when I had myself together. I could get an entire to-do list done (or at least it felt that way). I think what's closer to the truth is I THOUGHT I had myself together, the items on my to-do list weren't as time consuming and I was 24. Now my lists have lists and I am TIRED.

I sometimes miss being delusional (you may say young, maybe even a little dumb about some things, but there were delusions there, people - trust me - I KNOW!). I also miss the time in my life where I thought that I was fat - coincidentally, it was about the same point in life for me. Can anyone relate?

This year I turned 40 and something happened. I feel like I have been doing many things from the sidelines of life (for many reasons), but I'm jumping in the game. I am not exactly sure what I'm doing - EVER, but I am trying to soak up every minute of this crazy life and the opportunities God places in front of me.

I am working on a more stable routine to be able to provide you all with the content you desire - I am trying to figure out the best ways to get you things like videos. I'm working on more freebies, workshop dates, and shop content - hopefully some SVGs coming soon for you crafters.

In the meantime, check the Lock Screen Library for a new lock screen and make sure you're signed up for the Email Club so you can access the Resource Library where you'll find the newest installment of Let's Letter Scripture.

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