Oh How I Love Jesus...and Good Paper.

As I began dabbling with lettering, I drug out my Moleskin and starting using it for my Scripture writing. NOTE: Sweet Blessings does a lovely plan every month if you're interested. I began with faux calligraphy and doodles and I tried SO MANY PENS because I have had a pen problem much longer than I have officially been lettering.

I have tried many journals and papers, but ultimately, I like to have something to carry with me, so I am constantly walking through the journal aisle of stores feeling the paper inside of journals. I'm a freak. It's ok. I have come to terms with my issues. If you see a girl in the paper store stroking the paper, it's probably me. I'm just SO tired of paper 'eating' my brush pens! Bad paper is from the devil!

With that said, it became my mission to find a journal that we could use for all of my upcoming Sermon Note Sketching workshops. I kept seeing advertisements for one from a company called Baron Fig and after a little research, I reached out to them. They sent me their Confidant Hardcover Notebook with dot grid-it also comes in blank and ruled. First of all, it's beautiful and it lays flat. What I truly love after a test run on Sunday, though, is the paper - coming in at 90gsm. (For comparison sake, the Moleskin is 70gsm and Leuchtturm1917 is 80gsm.)

If you take a Sermon Note Sketching workshop with me, you will be receiving a Baron Fig journal to begin your journey. Their customer service has been excellent and I want all of my students to have a product that they will love as much as I do.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid and Baron Fig did not request a review in return for product. I simply love this journal and think you might, as well.

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