I often see the names of businesses and wonder how they decided on the name. I mean, sure, there are (fill in the blank) and Sons. I got that one figured out. I know we're used to words like Etsy, Google and Twitter, but look up the stories of how they got their names!

I thought I would share the story of where Shemazing Designs began.

My husband and I moved to Northeast Ohio in 2011. We had found a new church. One day, I was hanging out in the church office and as I was introducing myself to a woman who had entered, she thought I said my name was 'Shemays'. Well, the church secretary happened to be sitting there and said, "No, Sheena Mays, but she is pretty Shemazing" and it began.

From that day, this lovely lady has encouraged me with little notes that, from time to time, made reference to my new blended name, so when I was thinking of turning my handing lettering obsession....err.....hobby into a business, it just seemed to fit.

So, welcome to Shemazing Designs (and thanks Alisa)!

Leave me your email address so you can have access to the lettering freebies and lock screens as they are released. (I promise not to spam your box - I don't have THAT much time!) And when you have time, hop over to Pinterest and YouTube to follow and subscribe.


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