Hand Lettering


Custom Work


I want to learn hand lettering; can you share your tips?

Sheena loves to share technique, tips, and tricks. Be sure to check out her upcoming Workshops, YouTube channel, Instagram feed and the Resource Vault!


What tools do you recommend for hand lettering?

Sheena shares this and lots of other helpful information in her workshops, on her YouTube Channel and through her IG Feed and Blog.

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I purchased tickets for a workshop and can no longer attend. Can I request a refund?

Unfortunately, workshop registration is non-refundable and not transferable to another date - just like other ticketed events, concerts, for instance. If you give us 5 business days notice or more, we are happy to transfer your seat (same date and workshop) to another individual (Cousin Nancy, Neighbor Sue, Friend Kelly) at your request! Please send requests via email to sheena@shemazingdesigns.com


I have an amazing space and would love to host a workshop. What next?

Sheena would be DELIGHTED to discuss partnering with your business for a workshop! To inquire about hosting a workshop, just send an email to sheena@shemazingdesigns.com


Are you currently accepting commissions?

Commissions ARE currently open. For more information, contact Sheena at sheena@shemazingdesigns.com.


Do you do freelance design work for businesses and brands? Do you license your designs?

Absolutely! Let's chat. I would love to partner with your company! Check out more info on my WORK WITH ME page.