Many of you know that I used to teach in a public school for a brief period of time. Compared to those of you who have decided to stick it out for eternity (God Bless You and Keep You!), my 6 years seems like a flash in the pan. Some of the things that I learned and am still seeing with that students that I teach in my private studio, though, is:

1. Technology should be utilized at all costs - they have it in their everyday lives, you BETTER be using it in the classroom or you are putting the students at a disadvantage to their peers

2. Creativity matters. Few people in their lives challenge students to have a creative outlet - which ultimately lends itself to better problem solving skills and improvement in their ability to 'think outside of the box'. We have become so worried about test tasking, in my opinion, that things (which ironically could improve those scores) are dismissed as unnecessary parts of the curriculum.

So, here's my current contribution - a video from EDUTOPIA showing exactly what I have been saying about sketch noting along with some suggestions for my teacher friends on ways to implement these strategies in your classroom.

I would love to answer any questions you have, or brainstorm with you regarding sketch note ideas for your classroom. Please feel free to contact me.

Additionally, I am finding that the more I am intentional about doing things for myself, the more the guilt about doing things for myself fades because a better me means that I am a better version of me for everyone around me. You have to take care of yourself if you're going to keep all of the plates spinning.

Ronnie pointed out that to him it currently feels like adding something for himself just feels like adding one more thing to the list of things to do. Anyone else relate? I think it would be difficult to enjoy doing something for yourself if it feels like another chore. Any thoughts are working through this?

It may only be for a hot second, but I feel like I'm getting in a groove. I finally have some content on its way to YouTube for you. The basic strokes practice worksheet is up, as well, as the latest, Lettering for Kids worksheet with the Serif fonts.

Just remember that practice=progress, so keep practicing and always feel free to ask questions!

Also, I uploaded a devotion this week. This is what I shared at our Bible journaling workshop in Akron. I know many of you are no where close to Ohio, so I have decided to attempt to bring you the inspiration for our monthly project, as well as a part of our project for you to enjoy. Most likely it will be in the form for a printable style coloring sheet. Feel free to use it however you see fit, though. Then, hop over to my Facebook page and share it!

You can always find the link to my YouTube channel and Facebook pages in my Instagram bio. Items in the Resource Library on this site are always free, but you must sign up for the Amazing Email Club for the password to access it.

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